16:55:13 <jonkri> why on earth does hsp output look like this: "></html"?
17:10:50 <stepcut> because whitespace is significant in html
17:10:56 <stepcut> but only sometimes
17:11:05 <stepcut> why do you care?
17:14:29 <stepcut> to elaborate further, there are a number of tags in HTML/XML where the whitespace between open and close tags is meaningful, so we can't just stick random whitespace in there. But the whitespace between the < and > of the tag is not meaningful, so we can insert it there
17:15:20 <stepcut> if you actually want to inspect the HTML, most of the time you will be using something like the 'inspect element' feature of chrome -- which reformats things anyway
17:20:01 <jonkri> stepcut: because i wanted to use the html to do some tinkering, and it confused the hell out of me :)
17:20:32 <jonkri> but the explanation makes a lot of sense, of course. thanks. i will use firefox to "export" the html
17:20:53 <stepcut> there are some command-line tools as well
17:21:11 <stepcut> also, one moment
17:25:41 <stepcut> hmm
17:25:57 <stepcut> we should add prettyHtml function as well.. I think blaze-html has that
17:30:14 <jonkri> yeah, that would be nice
17:30:43 <stepcut> i thought we had that already, but I don't see it :)