00:53:29 <xavier> hello
00:53:54 <Guest66213> I'm getting an error installing happstack-hsp hsp-0.7.1
00:54:07 <xaviershay> I found an irc log saying that 0.8 was out
00:54:18 <xaviershay> so just trying to figure out how to use that instead (following along crash course)
00:54:55 <xaviershay> I can cabal install hsp-0.8, but not sure how to link it together
00:56:14 <xaviershay> suggestions welcome :)
01:00:11 <xaviershay> seems like I need HSP.Identity from happstack-hsp, so trying to download that and install locally
01:04:05 <xaviershay> urgh, doesn't compile. I guess I'll just skip this part for now.
01:31:17 <stepcut> hsp-0.8 does not work with anything else yet
01:31:22 <stepcut> you need to stick with hsp-0.7
01:31:42 <stepcut> I submitted some extra patches to niklas for an hsp 0.9, and I have everything else patched to work with that once he makes a release
01:31:54 <stepcut> oh.. too late :(
19:17:21 <donri> stepcut: github eh
19:46:01 <stepcut> donri: :(
19:49:36 <stepcut> it's like choosing between the ugly rich girl and the beautiful poor girl :p
19:50:34 <donri> haha yes
19:54:21 <donri> stepcut: have you tried magit? it's supposed to be really good
19:57:02 <stepkut> nope
19:58:15 <donri> might hide some of the ugly from you