03:25:57 <mm_freak_> interestingly it's usually the ugly rich girls who rip you off =)
03:27:51 <stepkut> exactly
03:28:03 <stepkut> but they also got the connections you need!
03:28:16 <mm_freak_> indeed
23:08:26 <josiah14> I'm really looking for an excuse to use a Haskell based web framework to learn web programming rather than Rails - enjoy Haskell way more than Ruby.  How far along is Happstack?  is it going to be a huge pain to learn in comparison to Rails, or is it going to be just slightly less convenient?
23:12:41 <stepkut> josiah14: probably slightly less convenient -- though more convenient in other ways
23:13:21 <stepkut> one issue is that happstack gives you a lot of choices rather than 'the one true way' so that can be a bit much to think about at first
23:18:30 <josiah14> hmm
23:19:00 <josiah14> I may jump right into web dev using Happstack, in that case
23:20:28 <josiah14> Rails is cool, but i really just find ruby to be sort of slow - I think I would often find myself dropping down to C if I were to build a rails app and develop it until it was mature
23:21:12 <josiah14> given the strengths of Haskell, I would think that sort of a situation would happen much less often
23:23:31 <josiah14> is there an IRC channel for happstack that is more popular?  I don't see many here - this is the first channel that popped up in my web search
23:23:56 <stepkut> this is it
23:44:08 <donri> josiah14: i think happstack will teach you more haskell than the other web stacks
23:44:31 <donri> it's how i learnt, and a major reason i chose happstack
23:44:57 <donri> but, if you just want to throw something together quickly, the others can be better for that