04:16:52 <kxra> stepcut: i was looking at this article http://adit.io/posts/2013-04-15-making-a-website-with-haskell.html
04:17:05 <kxra> is there anything like sinatra/scotty but built on happstack?
04:17:12 <stepcut> :-/
04:17:41 <stepcut> I'm not even sure what that would mean.. scotty is mostly happstack with less features :)
04:18:09 <stepcut> I do have an unreleased dynamic routing library that would allow more compact and featureful and type-safe route definitions..
04:18:30 <stepcut> you can use persistent and blaze-html with happstack..
04:19:05 <stepcut> there is also happstack-foundation which rolls a bunch of technology into one simple to use package (though probably doesn't build at the moment for some simple reason)
04:43:35 <kxra> stepcut: ah, okay. maybe i'm just looking for a similar guide, but using happstack instead
19:01:55 <levi> I thought the tutorials on the happstack site were pretty good.
21:26:22 <stepcut> thanks!
23:50:19 <donri> stepcut: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/ietf-http-wg/2013JulSep/0202.html