01:04:21 <alpounet> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17557858/happstack-web-routes-and-form-data?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
22:14:59 <jonkri> What do you use for making HTTP requests when using Happstack? I would like to contact a local service through a RESTful API, and parse the JSON response (I'm assuming that I will use aeson for the parsing).
22:16:21 <donri> jonkri: i don't think happstack has any recommendation there
22:16:57 <donri> you could use http-{conduit,streams} or the HTTP package or some curl binding...
22:17:16 <Clint> or hoauth if that's relevant
22:18:13 <donri> there don't seem to be any pipes-http yet :(
22:25:40 <jonkri> Thanks. :-)
22:34:18 <donri> wat, no step[ck]ut? what's the world coming to