00:27:35 <stepcut> donri: sorry I was offline, my computer caught fire, https://plus.google.com/u/0/105812388497394980192/posts/dd32QxafEbf
00:27:43 <donri> hihi
00:28:02 <stepcut> someone should update the ircbot plugin so that this view includes a # of lines field next to each log file http://www.happstack.com/ircBot/irc-logs
00:30:05 <donri> that's scary re fire
00:30:51 <donri> i'm still living in a naive bubble where i don't expect anything crazy to happen to any of my tech stuff, much less spontaneous combustion!
00:31:12 <donri> ACTION has yet to experience a disk crash touch wood
00:36:41 <stepcut> I've experienced several disk crashes
00:36:57 <stepcut> I have in-computer backs and an external drive backup.. really need offsite backups
00:37:08 <stepcut> but not sure how to offsite back up 3TB in an effective way
00:37:12 <stepcut> I need a friend or something
00:38:25 <donri> maybe just offsite the small but crucial like dotfiles, code and documents
00:39:27 <donri> i've been meaning to do that but can't settle on a choice of storage provider :P
00:39:40 <stepcut> the problem is my crucial files are videos, photos, and audio recordings ;)
00:39:55 <donri> oh yeah you do that sort of things
00:40:00 <stepcut> the small crucial files are already in darcs :)
00:40:14 <donri> how about that amazon "wait 5 hours to get your files" option that's dirt cheap
00:41:16 <donri> glacier
00:41:46 <donri> $0.01 gb/month
00:41:46 <stepcut> the big problem right now is that my ISP as a monthly upload cap.. so I would have to use the 'mail a hard drive' option
00:41:53 <donri> haha ok
00:42:04 <donri> i'm a spoiled swede
00:42:35 <stepcut> if they have the 'mail the hard drive' option though.. that could be a good choice
00:42:39 <stepcut> I'll look into it
00:43:13 <donri> the new mindstorms runs linux #dowant
00:43:17 <stepcut> even if it is not good for my media, it could be good for some projects we are doing at work that need long term offsite storage
00:43:27 <stepcut> =O
00:44:17 <stepcut> yeah, glacier has a portable media import/export service
00:44:29 <donri> heh
00:47:16 <donri> i like how this is the "english" site http://www.ev-3.net/en/tech
00:48:21 <stepcut> heh
00:48:48 <donri> an english site in korean from a danish company!
00:49:26 <donri> (or is that japanese? but the glyphs look korean to me)
00:49:50 <stepcut> japanese
00:50:27 <stepcut> i see hiragana http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiragana
00:50:53 <stepcut> and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katakana
00:51:15 <stepcut> actually.. it's probably all kanji and katakana
00:51:35 <donri> some of it looked like hangul to me but i can read none of these scripts
00:52:39 <donri> ah i guess it's the katakana
00:53:16 <stepcut> no,, I think i is a mix of kanji, hiragana, and katakana
00:53:40 <stepcut> for 'software' it is katakana
00:53:51 <stepcut> but for connectivity it is kanji+hiragana
00:54:04 <donri> basically if it has lots of complex lines i tend to think it's japanese or chinese but if it's much simpler i think it's hangul ;)
00:54:12 <donri> or if it's curvy it's arabic! :D
00:55:06 <donri> yeah the katakana looks simpler, like hangul
00:59:37 <donri> from wikipedia i gather the ones i deem "complex" are logograms and the "simple" ones are syllabaries and alphabets
03:05:23 <stepcut> japanese is one of the many things I would like to have more time to study :-/
03:06:18 <donri> stepcut: ko lojbo!
03:09:28 <stepcut> I have no idea what is going on
03:09:52 <stepcut> lojban lessons in japanese?
03:09:57 <donri> hahah