17:08:09 <Clint> is there a sanest way to do reform with hamlet?
17:08:52 <stepkut> take a package like reform-blaze or reform-hsp and copy it to reform-hamlet and change accordingly
17:09:18 <stepkut> I've never gotten around to making a reform-hamlet, but there should not be any real difficult that I am aware of
17:09:56 <Clint> hmm, okay
17:10:59 <stepkut> if you are going to do that you might want to wait a few minutes
17:11:06 <stepkut> I am about to push changes to the reform repo
17:12:56 <Clint> ACTION waits.
17:15:35 <stepkut> pushed
17:19:40 <Clint> woo, hsp-rific
17:20:16 <stepkut> ?
17:20:35 <Clint> no longer depending on hsp <0.8
17:20:39 <stepkut> ah
17:20:43 <stepkut> yeah
17:21:00 <stepkut> I now have commit access to the hsp/hsx2hs repos, which means things should happen in a more timely manner now :)
17:21:15 <stepkut> I am in the process up pushing all the changes for hsp-0.9 to the affected dependencies
17:21:31 <stepkut> affected reverse dependencies
17:21:54 <Clint> maybe i care less about reform-hamlet now
17:22:00 <stepkut> :)
17:22:31 <stepkut> tomorrow I will update the crashcourse to reflect the new hsp
17:22:36 <stepkut> though it is mostly the same
17:23:01 <stepkut> mostly just changing trhsx->hsx2hs and using lazy Text instead of String
17:27:17 <Clint> there's also a place where you recommend digestive-functors i think
17:27:27 <stepkut> :(
17:47:13 <uniquenick> is there a "reform for dummies" type guide?  I understand in theory the point of it, but I don't get how it works
19:49:52 <stepcut> uniquenick: did you read the section in the crash course?
19:50:16 <stepcut> http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/Reform.html#reform
19:58:24 <uniquenick> yeah, I kinda get lost at the proof stuff
20:26:30 <mm_freak> my website is running on gitit now =)
21:46:43 <stepcut> ah