09:41:45 <widget> Can anyone help with a boomerang issue please?
09:44:08 <widget> I'm trying to create PathInfo instances using boomerangToPathSegments and boomerangFromPathSegments, but I keep hitting parse errors when doing parseSegments:
09:44:22 <widget> > parseSegments (fromPathSegments :: URLParser Route) (toPathSegments $ DefaultCss)
09:44:23 <lambdabot>   Not in scope: `parseSegments'Not in scope: type constructor or class `URLPa...
09:44:41 <widget> Left "[\"default.css\"] (segment 2 character 12): \nunexpected \"\"\nexpecting end of input"
09:44:53 <widget> That is: ["default.css"] (segment 2 character 12):
09:44:54 <widget> unexpected ""
09:44:54 <widget> expecting end of input
09:45:35 <widget> I can't say I understand fully what boomerangFromPathSegments is actually doing (I'm reasonably new to Haskell)
11:10:32 <widget> stepcut: ping? any ideas about the above boomerang to pathinfo problem?
11:19:37 <stepcut> widget: hmm
11:20:37 <stepcut> what does the parser look like?
11:21:14 <widget> routemap =
11:21:14 <widget>   (  rHome
11:21:15 <widget>   <> rDefaultCss . "default.css"
11:21:16 <widget>   )
11:22:47 <widget> It works fine for Home, but not for DefaultCss
11:24:33 <widget> I'm creating the instance like so:
11:24:34 <widget> instance PathInfo Route where
11:24:35 <widget>   toPathSegments = boomerangToPathSegments routemap
11:24:35 <widget>   fromPathSegments = boomerangFromPathSegments routemap
11:25:59 <widget> BTW, the boomerang{To,From}PathSegments functions aren't currently exported, but I'm guessing they should be?
11:53:50 <stepcut> probably, let me fix that
12:42:29 <stepkut> I think boomerangFromPathSegments is buggy
12:46:56 <widget> Is there another way to use boomerang with h-foundation?  That is essentially all I'm trying to do.  My site is simple enough to avoid boomerang, but would be useful for bigger sites I would think.
12:49:31 <stepkut> hopefully I'll have this fixed shortly
12:49:45 <widget> ok, awesome
13:18:32 <stepkut> widget: web-routes-boomerang-0.27.1
13:25:48 <widget> stepkut: works perfectly!  Thanks very much!
13:34:04 <stepcut>  sweet
13:34:20 <stepcut> I think it probably used to work but we changed something else that broke it
13:34:39 <stepcut> it was failing because boomerang considers [] and [""] to both be end of input, but parsec only accepts []
13:35:12 <stepcut> but I think we used to do things differently so that [""] did not occur
13:35:38 <stepcut> but I made some other changes too that I've been wanting
13:36:07 <stepcut> you can do, (boomerangFromPathInfo someRoute >> segment "foo") and use the boomerang stuff in the middle of a parsec parser
13:37:08 <widget> nice
18:38:07 <kxra> donri:
18:38:35 <kxra> i just asked my friend (who works for wikimedia writing visual editor which uses parsoid which uses node.js) and he said that it seems to scale fine for them
19:01:06 <donri> kxra: scale is relative :) and node probably provides some tricks to work around certain issues
19:01:33 <donri> point is that async isn't a silver bullet. it can make things *worse*.
19:01:44 <donri> and the programming model is horrible
19:02:27 <kxra> mm, i see
19:02:30 <kxra> makes sense
19:04:04 <donri> usually people resort to hand written async because their threads suck