01:25:34 <stepkut> (hopefully) done upgrading everything I care about to hsp-0.9.. time to update the docs now
14:50:47 <dimday> hi. been working with reform recently. it's a great library.  I think I was able to get dynamic lists working. I don't really know how to contribute to the lib so I put it up on darcs.  http://hub.darcs.net/dimday/reform/browse/reform/Text/Reform/Generalized.hs
14:50:56 <dimday> I added the function listOf at the end.
14:57:00 <donri> hm it would be cool if Form could have an Alternative instance that did something useful
15:08:26 <dimday> donri: Alternative looks interesting.  Not sure though how it would work for forms. alternative input fields?
15:09:38 <dimday> oh. the `some` and `many` functions seem to be along the lines of what I've been working at
15:11:59 <donri> yeah that's what i was thinking of. not sure either how it would work :)
15:12:58 <donri> i'm not quite sure but i think reform needs to consume the whole input regardless of errors and normal applicative parsing with alternative is about short circuiting early, something like that?
15:13:28 <donri> since reform wants to give you all errors the first time, not just the first
15:15:25 <dimday> yup. actually that's one flaw with what I implemented so far. it doesn't collect the other errors of the list, just the first one.
15:16:59 <donri> hm alternative might still work though
15:17:42 <donri> hm the question is what <|> should do
15:18:50 <donri> actually it could be useful for something unrelated to listOf...
15:19:58 <donri> ageFormUnderage <|> checkboxDisplayAdultAvatars
15:20:05 <donri> would require some js to be useful i imagine
15:20:43 <donri> not sure then if many/some are still similar to listOf, though
15:22:53 <donri> i imagine you could use them for things like, continuously repeat a form until an input errors... maybe useful for games and quiz type things?
15:23:09 <donri> this all requires client side validation or ajax, i imagine
15:23:56 <dimday> or maybe something like what MFlow is doing. stepcut mentioned it the other day. I've been looking at it and wrapping my head around it.
15:24:33 <dimday> still looks like magic to me though. haha