18:15:30 <kxra> stepcut: how do you feel about scheme and prolog?
18:18:39 <kxra> or ocaml
22:03:33 <levi> You didn't ask me, but I think they're all interesting languages.
22:04:46 <stepkut> I'ved used them all, but don't anymore
22:05:22 <stepkut> I wrote a scheme compiler that targetted the actionscript bytecode VM once :)
22:05:31 <stepkut> and a backend for YHC
22:05:47 <stepkut> (a backend for YHC that targetted the actionscript VM)
22:06:15 <stepkut> I've only done toy stuff with prolog
22:06:15 <levi> Scheme is probably the most 'malleable' of languages in the functional family. Tail-call optimization, first-class continuations, and powerful but safe macro facilities allow you to mold the language with relative ease.
22:06:18 <stepkut> used ocaml somewhat seriously before switching to haskell
22:06:50 <stepkut> there are definitely some nice things about ocaml compared to haskell, but not enough for me to use it instead of Haskell
22:07:04 <stepkut> unless I had a very specific need that required it somehow
22:14:56 <frozencemetery> the module system of SML/OCaml is more powerful than that of haskell, but it's an utter pain to use
22:25:56 <stepkut> yeah
22:26:05 <stepkut> the agda module system is better than haskell's as well