02:05:40 <frozencemetery> bluh acid-state doesn't build
02:05:53 <stepkut> :-/
02:07:02 <Clint> yes it does
02:07:26 <frozencemetery> hopefully this is my fault.  Still working on it.
02:40:04 <frozencemetery> so it doesn't check for hsx2hs; it just calls it, and if it's not there... well.
02:40:43 <frozencemetery> on the other hand, that's a trivial fix on my end, and pretty obvious to boot.
02:41:16 <hpaste> frozencemetery pasted “Diseased env -> acid-state build failure” at http://lpaste.net/91685
02:41:24 <frozencemetery> ^ that's the other build failure
02:48:38 <frozencemetery> interesting.  That's not a problem with 0.11.4
14:59:55 <stepkut> hi looks interesting
15:00:41 <stepkut> not to be confused with hi2
16:05:39 <enthropy> jaspervdj: is this kind of thing useful (to add to digestive-functors) http://code.haskell.org/~aavogt/acid_base/haddocks/acid_base/Form-LF.html
16:06:23 <enthropy> another thing would be to use (>>) instead of (<>) to abuse do-notation