00:45:25 <Entroacceptor> is there a way to run a happstack application as fastcgi?
00:47:54 <stepkut> Entroacceptor: there is a very old happstack-fastcgi and there was some hack-* thing
00:47:57 <stepkut> nothing up to date
00:48:13 <stepkut> though porting the old fastcgi thing could probably be done in a few hours
00:48:15 <Entroacceptor> I remember there being plans to switch to wai, they are out?
00:48:30 <stepkut> yeah, not going to happen
00:48:40 <stepkut> going to using hyperdrive which is based on pipes
00:48:48 <stepkut> but waiting for pipes-4.0 to come out
00:49:15 <Entroacceptor> mh, ok
00:51:56 <Entroacceptor> fast web server sounds good
01:15:10 <stepkut> meaning?
18:03:04 <donri> stepcut: oh yeah http://bsrkaditya.blogspot.se/2013/08/darcsden-gsoc-week-6.html
20:10:12 <sm> ACTION listens