01:12:21 <Clint> could someone tell me how to fix http://paste.debian.net/24066/ ?
01:14:14 <stepkut> what error?
01:14:48 <Clint>     Expected type: RouteT Sitemap m (XMLType m)
01:14:48 <Clint>       Actual type: RouteT Sitemap m (XMLType (RouteT Sitemap m))
01:14:48 <Clint>     In the return type of a call of `defaultTemplate'
01:27:06 <stepkut> here is a version that works, not quite sure what you were aiming for,
01:27:07 <stepkut> http://paste.debian.net/24067/
01:27:39 <stepkut> mostly I just removed the RouteT from the type sigs and added, EmbedAsAttr m (Attr Text Sitemap), to placesTemplates
01:27:49 <stepkut> that should be strictly more general that what you had
01:27:56 <stepkut> there are other solutions though
01:29:21 <Clint> er, sorry for not providing the types
01:31:31 <Clint> stepkut: thanks!
01:31:43 <stepkut> there is another solution
01:31:54 <stepkut> you could put a 'lift $' before 'defaultTemplate'
01:32:03 <stepkut> so that defaultTemplate gets lifted into RouteT
01:32:21 <stepkut> but that also requires a constraint to be added to placesTemplate that I am not expecting
01:33:22 <Clint> argh, i almost tried that
01:34:17 <Clint> btw on that note, the crashcourse seems to have an outdated type for defaultTemplate
01:35:44 <stepkut> yes
01:35:55 <stepkut> I should be releasing a greatly updated version of the crash course this week
01:36:07 <stepkut> the hsp section is mostly done if you want I would send it to you
01:38:18 <stepkut> oh, I see why the 'lift' solution is tricky
01:38:43 <stepkut> unless you are really excited about that solution I am going to go back to cleaning my apartment and building hexayurts
01:39:40 <Clint> no, i'm happy with your way, thanks again