00:41:15 <frozencemetery> hey, I have a happstack-hsp build failure: https://paste.debian.net/25716/ any ideas?
00:42:24 <stepkut> yes.. let me investigate
00:44:16 <stepkut> have you installed hsp stuff before this?
00:44:47 <frozencemetery> yes, but I cleaned out all installed packages since then
00:45:23 <stepkut> I feel like you have an old version of hsx2hs around or something
00:45:29 <stepkut> I'd trying reinstall hsx2hs and see what happens
00:48:51 <frozencemetery> that seems to work much better, thanks.  I had 0.11 installed; it worked with 0.13.
01:05:33 <stepkut> unfortunately, it is the hsx2hs executable that needed to be updated and there is no way to do versions depends on that
01:05:43 <stepkut> though I could change the code to use the new quasiquoter
01:06:09 <stepkut> or add a depends on the hsx2hs library that isn't really needed would trick cabal into installing a newer executable :-/
01:16:41 <frozencemetery> that's really an unpleasant situation all around
01:20:56 <stepkut> yeah
01:21:23 <stepkut> still better than the pre-Cabal days though where projects had a variety of different Makefile-like things and often had paths to the developers home directory hardcoded
02:36:16 <frozencemetery> any idea on why clckwrks doesn't build here? https://paste.debian.net/25743/
02:43:56 <stepkut> mysterious
02:45:11 <stepkut> maybe the real question is why does it build here :)
02:46:48 <stepkut> I'll upload a patched version shortly
02:48:16 <stepkut> hmm
02:48:29 <stepkut> actually..
02:58:27 <stepkut> frozencemetery: uploaded a new version
02:59:58 <stepkut> frozencemetery: seems I had an 'import HSP.XML hiding (Name)'. HSP.XML doesn't export 'Name' anymore. My GHC (7.6.1) doesn't seem to care
03:00:27 <stepkut> but yours does
03:00:37 <stepkut> anyway, clckwrks 0.18.2 should fix that
03:07:09 <frozencemetery> ah, okay.  This is ghc 7.4.1 (debian wheezy).  Now it gets here: https://paste.debian.net/25750/
03:15:38 <stepkut> :-/
03:18:43 <stepkut> that may be a bug in GHC 7.4.1
03:19:27 <frozencemetery> lovely!
03:19:34 <stepkut> we can likely work around it ;)
03:19:59 <stepkut> do, cabal unpack clckwrks, so we can modify the source
03:20:34 <stepkut> and change line 593 to,                    else escape $ unauthorizedPage ("You do not have permission to view this page." :: TL.Text)
03:21:16 <stepkut> I've been working on a buildbot to help test all these various compiler versions, etc, but have not had time to work on it recently :-/
03:22:15 <stepkut> and then run, cabal install, in the top level directory
03:24:12 <frozencemetery> build success! :)
03:26:09 <stepkut> sweet
03:26:12 <stepkut> I'll add that patch too
03:26:27 <stepkut> is that all you had to change?
03:26:33 <frozencemetery> thanks
03:26:35 <frozencemetery> yeah
03:29:09 <Clint> stepkut: i'm trying to rip off Clck but getting instance derivation fail
03:29:19 <Clint> can you tell me what i'm doing wrong? http://lpaste.net/91894
03:40:57 <stepkut> Clint: works for me..
03:41:06 <stepkut> once I changed, import Acid to, data Acid = Acid, anyway
03:41:19 <Clint> hrngh
03:41:34 <Clint> i get     No instance for (WebMonad r (RouteT url (StateT CrdState m)))
03:41:38 <Clint> and 3 other types
03:42:42 <stepkut> oh, I had a dirty environment
03:42:54 <stepkut> you need to add, import Web.Routes.Happstack
03:43:30 <Clint> aha
03:43:31 <Clint> thanks
04:14:44 <frozencemetery> stepkut: clckwrks-plugin-page-0.2.0:  Module `HSP.XMLGenerator' does not export `escape'.  Removing the hiding line fixes it here, too.  Otherwise, that's good to go on 7.4.1
04:16:52 <frozencemetery> also: are we still supposed to install clckwrks-cli, because that has dependency "clckwrks (≥0.12 & <0.17)"
05:16:37 <frozencemetery> well, it looks like it works against clckwrks-0.18.2, for what it's worth
06:13:02 <stepkut> frozencemetery: thanks! fixed and fixed!