11:54:58 <hashcat> hi, how does happstack compare to other web framework in other language?
11:55:37 <hashcat> and why yesod is more famous than happstack?
13:46:55 <donri> hashcat: possibly yesod is more famous because it arose at a time when haskell was more famous. happstack has a long heritage...
13:47:29 <donri> plus yesod caters more to people coming from other languages
14:13:53 <hashcat> donri: I don't like yesod because of a lot of template haskell
14:24:38 <donri> hashcat: http://www.happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/TemplateHaskell.html#template_haskell
14:26:11 <donri> the TH in happstack is optional. technically it's optional in yesod as well i think, but their design is much more guided by an assumption of TH
14:29:45 <hashcat> I've never know yesod can be used without TH
14:30:42 <hashcat> Any guide for that?
14:30:49 <donri> well the TH simply generates code, code that you could write yourself :) (well actually TH gives you some powers you don't otherwise have, like breaking module boundaries IIRC)
14:31:25 <donri> hashcat: http://www.yesodweb.com/blog/2012/10/yesod-pure
14:39:53 <hashcat> happstack still looks simple without TH
17:36:41 <kxra> donri: do workman/norman prioritize switching between hands and typing from the outer fingers to the inner ones like dvorak does?
17:37:45 <donri> kxra: don't know
19:55:33 <kxra> donri: we should assemble a chart comparing the priorities of each layout, and then rather than comparing their stats, only review which priorities are good or not
21:17:55 <donri> kxra: sounds good! i think i'm gonna wait until i've built this keyboard before i investigate switching layout again, though
21:18:03 <donri> kxra: you should build one too! :)
21:48:15 <stepkut> I need to learn netwire
21:48:20 <stepkut> I should do that in september sometime