08:19:38 <dreixel> I'm considering building a website using happstack, but it's a rather generic thing, that would probably be faster if I would start from some template. Are there large examples available? I'm looking for things like (simple) webshop, blog, CMS, etc
08:25:47 <bergmark> i wonder if the source for happstack.com is available
11:05:45 <donri> so i was thinking it might be possible to define a legal and useful *traversal* for ixset
11:06:29 <donri> the problem as a lens was mostly that you couldn't have an IxSet a -> a lens legally, only an IxSet a -> IxSet a lens, which isn't all that useful
11:07:01 <donri> a traversal is similar but, well, you get the traversal api, so you get combinators for stuff like "first item"
11:07:49 <donri> and you can map over matches, etc
11:10:15 <donri> if we figure this out and add some type safety to ixset i think it might still be a nice library simply by being less complex than data-store and tables
11:11:34 <donri> ixset is strictly many-to-many which covers all the other relationships but without the invariants enforced
11:13:01 <donri> the others support {one,many}-to-{one,many} which is really nice but complicates their designs quite a bit
12:46:35 <stepkut> neat
14:00:30 <donri> actually only data-store supports maintaining a many-to-one invariant