16:19:23 <tel> hi, I was curious if anyone does authentication/authorization without using acid-state
16:19:45 <tel> I'd like to use Happstack but I don't want to build auth code myself nor use acid-state
16:22:38 <Clint> what do you want to use?
16:54:50 <alpounet> openid?
16:55:55 <bergmark> not sure, but it might be possible to use one of the snap auth backends with happstack
17:04:53 <alpounet> would be cool to have a ready-to-use solution
17:06:49 <bergmark> ok snap's auth is defined in the snap package and it seems pretty specific
17:08:26 <alpounet> i would actually need a ready-to-use auth solution based on openid or something similar, for happstack based web apps i'm writing
17:28:19 <tel> Snap's auth is a snaplet, yeah, so I'm not sure it'd be too easy to integrate with Happstack
17:29:04 <tel> I haven't looked at OpenId too carefully—when do you actually need to store locally?
17:33:46 <mm_freak_> you can try to find a functor from snap to happstack, but i doubt that it's possible
17:33:56 <mm_freak_> snap's abstraction is strictly more powerful
17:34:22 <mm_freak_> s/functor/natural transformation/
17:41:44 <donri> mm_freak_: status on that categorical web framework design? :)
17:47:07 <bergmark> tel: you probably want to link an openid account to some application specific things for a user
17:54:30 <tel> bergmark: Yeah, it looks quite convenient really. For prototyping, it might be a win.
17:57:32 <mm_freak_> donri: still long way…  i need to finish netwire 5 this week
17:57:48 <mm_freak_> not doing any web development right now
17:58:18 <donri> that's cool. i wouldn't mind a rough draft though to get an idea of what you're aiming for :)
17:59:12 <mm_freak_> there is no code, only ideas, and they are pretty much straightforward
17:59:30 <mm_freak_> also i have no idea how to express streaming sanely
17:59:46 <donri> i wasn't expecting any code anyway
18:01:02 <mm_freak_> well, there are basically two directions, each with advantages and drawbacks
18:01:11 <mm_freak_> one is the pipes direction, the other is the ContinueT direction