17:04:38 <stepkut> donri: turns out I finally released your patches to boomerang :)
17:05:06 <donri> stepkut: yeah i saw; i think it may have screwed with the pvp
17:06:17 <donri> ah maybe that's why you pushed a 1.4.0 today
17:07:42 <stepkut> yup
17:07:58 <stepkut> I didn't realize I had unreleased changed in darcs because they patches were there for a year :-/
17:08:01 <donri> sadly hackage is immutable :p
17:10:13 <donri> wow that really was almost a year ago
17:11:36 <stepkut> :)
17:13:24 <stepkut> hmm
17:13:35 <stepkut> rename derivePrinterParsers to makePrinterParsers.. why not makeBoomerang?
17:13:55 <donri> stepkut: because i did that in a later patch i think
17:14:03 <stepkut> :)
17:14:05 <stepkut> ACTION looks
17:14:18 <stepkut> indeed
17:14:20 <stepkut> makeBoomerangs
17:14:27 <donri> i'm OCD about separating works into logical patches
17:19:11 <donri> stepkut: what are you up to otherwise...? :)
17:21:04 <stepkut> the new version of the crash course is almost ready to go live
17:21:12 <stepkut> doing some things that actually use all this technology
17:21:36 <stepkut> once the new crash course is live, and the pipes 4.0 stuff is all out, then hyperdrive will be high on the TODO list
17:22:40 <donri> stepkut: did you figure out how to do the verified parser side?
17:22:53 <stepkut> I believe so
17:23:07 <donri> interesting! how does it work?
17:23:13 <stepkut> I have code that I am using -- we'll see if it gets stuck at some point
17:23:29 <stepkut> I dunno.. I'd have to look and remember :)