09:23:23 <donri> stepcut: i'm not sure if we care enough but i think the right thing to do WRT PVP and boomerang now is to release a that is the same as 1.3.3
09:23:56 <donri> that way if you depend on 1.3.* you don't get the breaking changes
09:30:19 <donri> actually, i'll just go ahead and do that with cabal unpack directly, hope you don't mind ;)
15:39:53 <stepkut> donri: thanks!
15:40:01 <stepkut> donri: I forgot all about that hack
15:40:08 <donri> \o/
15:40:59 <donri> so pipes 4 is out, no pipes-bytestring for a few months though
16:23:14 <stepkut> yay.. sort of
16:23:56 <stepkut> current hyperdrive only needs pipes, pipes-network, pipes-attoparsec, and pipes-parse
16:26:59 <donri> oh
16:27:08 <donri> is the one on hackage not the current one
16:27:14 <donri> uh
16:27:14 <donri> github
16:27:32 <donri> oh wait it doesn't use -bytestring
16:49:27 <stepkut> that's what I'm sayin.
16:59:14 <donri> ya, i was just confused :)
17:00:17 <stepkut> looks like all the build depends have been updated
17:00:26 <stepkut> so I just need to update hyperdrive
17:17:49 <stepkut> hmm, not sure if I should use parse or parseMany
17:18:19 <stepkut> i'll try parseMany and see what happens :)
17:48:33 <stepkut> ok I hacked up support
17:48:37 <stepkut> keyword 'hacked'
17:48:49 <stepkut> next step is to do it right ;)
17:59:11 <donri> stepkut: missing a dep on void
18:09:31 <stepkut> pushed