01:20:45 <kxra> stepcut: how's clckwrks development going?
02:35:49 <kxra> stepcut: i think 6d on "get started" is outdated
02:35:57 <kxra> In Main.hs:
02:36:00 <kxra> 1. change `import "clckwrks-theme-bootstrap" Theme (theme)` to `import "clckwrks-theme-yourapp" Theme (theme)`
02:36:03 <kxra> http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/clckwrks/browse/example-dot-org/Main.hs
02:36:53 <kxra> or there's a bug in the Main.hs file
17:40:10 <stepcut> kxra: probably out-dated
17:40:40 <stepcut> well, maybe a bug in the Main.hs.. I haven't decided yet :)
18:31:06 <kxra> stepcut: aha, ok. should i file a bug or will you get around to it?