00:30:12 <stepkut> kxra: yup
00:37:25 <stepkut> the new hackage server is very responsive
07:39:43 <kxra> stepkut: i'm still getting the same errors
07:39:48 <kxra> cabal install: http://pastebin.ca/2459375
07:39:54 <kxra> then http://pastebin.ca/2459376
07:39:58 <kxra> then http://pastebin.ca/2459377
07:40:03 <kxra> then http://pastebin.ca/2459380
10:33:34 <bergmark> kxra: you need happy in your path
11:26:10 <donri> on the path to happiness :)
11:33:18 <donri> stepcut: haha new hurd "This new release bundles bug fixes and enhancements done since the release of version 0.2, 16 years ago"
11:52:29 <bergmark> :))
11:52:39 <bergmark> dat release cycle
15:06:35 <kxra> bergmark: does that mean that .cabal/bin isn't in my path, or do i need to specifically add happy?
15:06:49 <kxra> donri: did you get a chance to look at my bashrc and bashprofile?
15:37:16 <bergmark> kxra: just make sure it's in your path, wherever it is
16:18:09 <stepkut> kxra: why did acid-state-0.11.3 fail?
19:09:30 <kxra> stepcut: acid-state (no version specified) breaks many packages
19:09:48 <kxra> 0.11.13 does this http://pastebin.ca/2459492
19:24:18 <donri> i think acid-state 11 might need ghc 7.6
19:28:23 <kxra> ah, i'll see if i can pull from debian unstable
19:50:27 <kxra> let's try this one more time
20:38:33 <kxra> it worked!
20:38:35 <kxra> marvelous
20:42:18 <kxra> stepkut: nooo! stuck at clckwrks-cli http://pastebin.ca/2459512
20:43:49 <stepkut> what fixed your initial problem?
20:44:19 <kxra> stepkut: installing ghc from debian unstable
20:46:17 <stepkut> ah
20:46:37 <stepkut> which acid-state do you have installed?
20:47:21 <kxra> 0.11.4
20:47:26 <stepkut> interesting
20:47:34 <stepkut> looks like there is a 0.12.0 now
20:48:02 <kxra> would that help me?
20:48:13 <stepkut> i dunno
20:48:16 <stepkut> I am investigating
20:48:37 <stepkut> but it lokos like I should update clckwrks regardless
20:48:48 <stepkut> and happstack-authenticate
20:49:10 <kxra> mm, have you been focusing on other parts of happstack?
20:49:32 <stepkut> no.. but someone else builds my packages for me, and patches things behind my back
20:49:35 <kxra> i was excited about the super fast server you mentioned a while ago, but it sounded like there was much work to be done
20:49:40 <stepkut> I need to get scoutess running so I can know when stuff needs updating
20:49:47 <kxra> ah
20:49:54 <stepkut> yeah, hyperdrive -- work on that has started now
20:50:23 <stepkut> I am going to run packdeps on everything and update stuff, sorry about this
20:50:54 <kxra> stepkut: no worries. thanks for the help
20:51:59 <kxra> i'll be ready to try again when you're done
20:57:23 <stepkut> lunch. bbiab.