06:16:09 <yesthisisuser> hello
06:42:20 <kxra> hi
06:43:13 <kxra> stepcut: so do i need to do anything other than pointing my domain at the same address and specifying a different port for clckwrks?
07:47:02 <yesthisisuser> I am looking at the web routes tutorial... http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/WebRoutes.html#web-routes
07:47:59 <yesthisisuser> I am trying to map urls of types resource/:id and resource
07:48:35 <yesthisisuser> I guess I would have to use web-routes-boomerang for that, or?
07:49:21 <yesthisisuser> i mean, I want one handler for routes of type /resource/:id , and one for routes of type /resource/
15:01:37 <kstt> hi.  One of my project depends on acid-state 0.6.*, but it does not build anymore.
15:01:46 <kstt> src/Data/Acid/Archive.hs:64:19: Constructor `Serialize.Fail' should have 2 arguments, but has been given 1
15:02:05 <kstt> ghc 7.4.1
15:02:14 <kstt> clean build (cabal sandbox)
15:06:11 <kstt> this is due to the new interface of cereal as of 0.4
15:06:48 <alpounet> i guess the latest releases solve these issues
15:06:59 <alpounet> latest version is 0.12.0
15:07:32 <kstt> well, cabal did not pick it when I unrestricted acid-state version
15:08:01 <kstt> so i guess something in my deps is holding it back. Anyway, today I *only* want to build my project :)
15:08:22 <kstt> I don't wan't to chase down dependencies and update all my code
15:09:07 <kstt> but thank you for the tip
15:09:30 <alpounet> then maybe you can use --constraint='cereal < 0.4' to make cabal pick an older version of cereal
15:09:44 <alpounet> if it's just for building once
15:10:26 <kstt> It must be built accross various places and machines
15:10:45 <kstt> so the constraint is now a dummy dependency in cabal :/
15:11:05 <kstt> WOW : acid-state 0.12 -> Source repository   head: git clone https://github.com/acid-state/acid-state
15:11:05 <alpounet> works now?
15:11:12 <kstt> yes it does
15:12:12 <kstt> It works, but I'm uneasy with this state of things.
15:12:40 <kstt> What is the plan for all acid-states < 0.12 ? Thay can not be built now.
15:13:11 <kstt> If cabal allows to update deps, It would be a good fix
15:14:49 <bergmark> kstt: it is possible on the new hackage, but it's disabled right now
15:15:06 <kstt> Thanks bergmark
15:15:45 <bergmark> so right now you have to upload new versions, which might not solve the issue you are having
15:16:18 <kstt> probably not :/
15:17:09 <bergmark> there was a discussion about this but i can't find it now
15:17:58 <bergmark> ah here https://github.com/haskell/hackage-server/issues/52
15:18:04 <kstt> The thing is that, with a *data*-oriented package such as acid-state, I am *particulary* reluctant to do blind updates. No API changes summary, no behaviour changes warning, no changelog at all ...
15:18:45 <kstt> I don't know if I am really supposed to just try to bump deps and cross fingers. :/
15:19:07 <kstt> Or to read apis side by side on two screens.
15:19:25 <bergmark> aye sounds scary
15:20:55 <kstt> bergmark: thanks for the issue page. I understand their concerns.