18:58:28 <heyduck> So I'm fairly new to haskell (just through LYAH recently), but have quite a bit of web background.  Would everybody here say that it's easier for me to pickup happstack than another haskell framework (snap/yesod) for something like a single page webapp/REST api?  Would it be easier to stick to scotty and avoid some confusing parts of the frameworks?
20:38:01 <stepkut> heyduck: you might try starting with happstack-lite, http://happstack.com/page/view-page-slug/9/happstack-lite-tutorial
20:39:03 <stepkut> heyduck: it is about as simple as you can get -- you can refer to the full documentation for more information on any aspect, since it is just a curated subset of happstack
20:40:33 <heyduck> stepkut: I'll take a look - thanks