02:43:22 <mm_freak> johannesbodannes: GHC has both a compiler and an interpreter
02:43:31 <mm_freak> when developing web apps i usually use the interpreter
02:43:35 <mm_freak> runhaskell Main.hs
02:43:47 <johannesbodannes> oh, good idea
02:44:12 <mm_freak> are you using a stylesheet DSL or why are you recompiling after style changes?
03:02:27 <johannesbodannes> i'm using happstack with shakespeare
03:02:57 <johannesbodannes> i don't really like yesod but the shakespearean languages work really well for me
03:41:25 <mm_freak> i like lucius, but other than that i prefer haskell itself (blaze-html)
03:41:46 <mm_freak> and i don't really use lucius