12:28:39 <aleksejs_> Hi!
12:30:48 <HugoDaniel> ei aleksejs_
12:32:33 <aleksejs_> http://vpaste.net/2qplS << why this don't work? It compiles, but it seems that it always return Just True
15:14:37 <bergmark> aleksejs_: and what are the headers you are actually sending?
15:15:20 <aleksejs_> bergmark, it doesn't matter
15:15:28 <aleksejs_> I can write anything there
15:16:05 <aleksejs_> I mean, it doesn't matter if I send that header
15:16:29 <aleksejs_> I can replace X-Requested-With" with any other string
15:18:08 <bergmark> works for me
15:18:48 <bergmark> http://lpaste.net/99259
15:19:28 <aleksejs_> yes, this works
15:19:56 <aleksejs_> but when I use getHeaderM result ar the parameter, it doesn't affect anything
15:21:17 <aleksejs_> here's a code http://vpaste.net/D5gkw
15:26:29 <bergmark> you can add some trace calls (from Debug.Trace) to see if the values are what you expect
17:03:22 <aleksejs_> I'm not sure how to use Debug.Trace in this case
17:07:13 <stepkut> how do you know it always returns True?
17:07:25 <stepkut> in this line, isAjax f = fmap checkAjaxHeader (getHeaderM "X-Requested-With") >> f
17:07:33 <stepkut> you just throw away the result of 'checkAjaxHeader'
17:09:15 <stepkut> also, isAjax appears to take an argument, but then you don't give it one here, 'rAddComment conn = isAjax >> rPost $ parseComment conn'
17:12:06 <aleksejs_> about the last one - I replaced it with $
17:12:13 <aleksejs_> >> with $
17:12:32 <stepkut> I figured
17:12:44 <stepkut> still.. you aren't doing anything with the return value from checkAjaxHeader
17:12:50 <aleksejs_> yes :(
17:13:27 <aleksejs_> how do I fix that?
17:30:27 <stepkut> I would do something like this, http://lpaste.net/99261
19:05:34 <aleksejs_> I did something like this, it works, thanks!
19:06:41 <aleksejs_> also I figured out, that if you open http://domain/path and then do a get request to "/path", it actually doesn't send request
19:07:42 <aleksejs_> but if you change it to "/path?235g24gt450" or any random string, it sends request
19:07:50 <aleksejs_> some kind of cache
19:19:06 <stepkut> odd
20:22:53 <aleksejs_> actually, I took a look at jQuery source, and it does the same thing when sends ajax request - it adds some random string to the reuest