21:25:15 <stepkut> I think at some point you can't write any more code because you just spend all your time updating your existing packages to the latest dependencies
21:50:20 <sm> :(
21:50:26 <sm> go stepkut go
21:51:28 <sm> is the new clckwrks mainly dependency updates ?
21:53:08 <sm> I didn't know you could specify a subdir of source-repository, neat
22:07:22 <stepkut> sm: yes
22:24:54 <stepkut> ACTION tries to figure out how to submit a pull request on this super awesome site called github
22:31:31 <sm> figured it out ? push it to your fork, then go there and click the tiny Pull Request link at top right
22:32:22 <stepkut> yeah, I think I got it worked out
22:32:35 <stepkut> was confused as to whether I do the pull request on my page or the upstreams page