21:38:14 <aleksejs_> Hi!
22:06:34 <stepcut> 	hello
22:15:19 <aleksejs_> what would be better choice for client sessions?
22:38:13 <stepcut> a better choice than what?
22:38:52 <aleksejs_> never mind
22:39:23 <aleksejs_> I think happstack-clientsession will be enough
22:39:28 <stepcut> cool
22:40:55 <aleksejs_> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/happstack-authenticate does this work only with acid-state?
22:48:07 <stepcut> yes
22:48:22 <stepcut> though, the rest of your app does not have to use acid-state
22:50:29 <aleksejs_> I'm now trying to figure out if I can somehow synchronize this authenticate with users from mysql
22:51:22 <aleksejs_> I mean, not users from "mysql" database, but from table users in my database
22:52:36 <aleksejs_> I just did a login request, now I need to keep auth data in session. And this auth package looks great as it also has fb etc