16:50:30 <aleksejs_> Hi, is there any tutorial how to use ClientSession w/out lens?
17:16:13 <Reite> Is there a strong reason why IxSet doesnt export its constructor? I want to do inheritance but cant without the constructor: https://gist.github.com/reite/9096655
17:40:36 <mm_freak> Reite: inheritance?
17:40:56 <mm_freak> exposing IxSet would be unsafe, because it would be easy to get into an inconsistent state
17:41:19 <Reite> I see
17:42:05 <Reite> but in my case that doesnt matter because I just want to use the empty set
17:42:05 <mm_freak> not sure what you mean by inheritance, though
17:42:21 <Reite> Did you look at the gist?
17:42:37 <mm_freak> yes
17:42:42 <Reite> Its just a few lines and explains it better than I could
17:43:02 <Reite> Well its kind of inheritance
17:43:20 <mm_freak> i've seen it and still don't get it =)
17:43:24 <Reite> I want to extend (Foo a) with all of the indexes of a
17:43:40 <mm_freak> ah
17:44:20 <mm_freak> i'm afraid you'll have to reconstruct the indexes
17:44:29 <mm_freak> the types wouldn't be compatible anyway
17:44:51 <mm_freak> if you need something more flexible you can look into data-table and tables
17:45:04 <Reite> What do you mean by not compitable?
17:45:07 <mm_freak> i haven't myself, but they solve a number of issues with IxSet
17:45:15 <Reite> All the indexes would have type (Foo a)
17:45:36 <Reite> I just compose the indexing function
17:45:46 <Reite> getIndex (Ix _ f) = ixFun (f . fooA)
17:46:03 <Reite> Thanks Il have a look at that
17:46:13 <mm_freak> see how [ixFun f, ixFun g] is correct, but 'map ixFun [f, g]' is a type error…  ixset has a number of funny things like that
17:47:44 <mm_freak> you would need to do some wrapping and unwrapping to make existing indexes work…  but i don't think that this is how you should use ixset anyway
17:48:04 <Reite> Only wrapping required is in my example