10:13:58 <cizra> Hi. Is there any better way to log stuff than debug.trace?
10:53:06 <bergmark> cizra: better in what way?
11:55:54 <cizra> bergmark: I googled around and found a way to print request contents: http://dmytrish.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/how-to-add-logging-to-a-happstack-server/
11:56:07 <cizra> I added also printing of decoded contents and now I'm happy.
12:05:23 <bergmark> cizra: you may want to look at hslogger as well
12:06:41 <cizra> Thanks for the tip.
22:16:24 <carter> stepcut: whats needed to evolve the new plugins ffi?
22:16:27 <carter> *API
22:28:27 <stepkut> i suspect there is currently some race conditions if multiple files are changed at close to the same time
22:28:36 <carter> files?
22:28:54 <stepkut> yes
22:29:10 <stepkut> the new plugins stuff incorporates the file watching features of plugins-auto as well
22:29:26 <stepkut> so when you load modules, you can also watch the files for changes and automatically reload on changes
22:29:48 <carter> neat
22:30:37 <stepkut> but that is just one use case -- often used during development
22:30:47 <carter> yeah
22:30:52 <stepkut> where you want to edit your hsx template files and have them automatically reloaded when you save the changes
22:31:03 <carter> is this the ghci based api
22:31:06 <stepkut> yes
22:31:08 <carter> or does it compile and link?
22:31:29 <stepkut> it compiles and links using the ghc api
22:31:35 <carter> ok
22:32:01 <carter> why if multiple files are changed?
22:32:39 <stepkut> it starts a reload when any file is changed -- but if save all your buffers at once, that would probably cause multiple overlapping calls to reload which probably isn't a good idea
22:33:17 <stepkut> so, another use case would be for something like clckwrks. It would be nice if clckwrks could download plugins from hackage, compile them, and load them into a running clckwrks instance
22:33:23 <carter> so mebe there needs to be an mvar backed queue?
22:34:00 <stepkut> MVar, SSem, or something
22:34:09 <carter> ok
22:34:11 <carter> well
22:34:13 <stepkut> also probably short delay
22:34:31 <stepkut> like.. when a file is changed -- wait 100 ms before doing anything in case other files are saved too
22:34:32 <carter> well compiling does tha ttoo
22:34:43 <carter> probably both for sanity
22:35:04 <stepkut> right, but you don't want to start compiling before all the files have been saved or you will just have to start over again when you are done
22:35:41 <stepkut> also, there is no error handling in place now
22:35:58 <stepkut> if the compilation fails -- I actually have no idea what happens
22:36:18 <carter> well, if it fails you shouldn't reload, but you should make it surfaceable
22:36:47 <stepkut> yeah
22:37:17 <stepkut> there is a lot wrong at the moment
22:37:50 <stepkut> fortunately, there is also very little code at the moment ;)
22:40:38 <stepkut> IMO, the next step is to  figure out the cabal integration aspect
22:41:07 <stepkut> specifically, how to work with cabal sandboxes
22:42:30 <stepkut> projects like scion and buildwrapper might contain clues