10:08:50 <jonkri> Lemmih: Is it safe to use acid-state 0.10.0, or are there any known issues with that version?
22:05:36 <kxra> stepcut: oh it looks like if i submit a good proposal for gsoc haskell is participating in that! is there anything with happstack/clckwrks a newbie could work on for three months??
22:05:53 <kxra> stepkut: ^
22:06:17 <stepkut> hmm
22:07:06 <stepkut> I'd like to see the plugins-ng stuff finished
22:07:19 <stepkut> https://github.com/Happstack/plugins-ng
22:08:20 <stepkut> it's not happstack or even web specific which is good
22:08:32 <stepkut> more general purpose == more likely to get selecte
22:13:26 <kxra> stepkut: that's perfect
22:13:40 <kxra> they want to make sure that it's low risk and high chance of success
22:13:44 <kxra> is this a good beginner project?
22:31:15 <stepcut> maybe? all of the heavy lifting is done by the GHC api, fsnotify, cabal, etc
22:31:24 <stepcut> it is largely an integration issue
22:31:46 <stepcut> defining a good API is probably part of the big challenge
22:33:47 <kxra> okay that sounds great
22:47:48 <stepcut> there are two usage patterns I have thought of so far: (1) interactive development where you are modifying code and reloading it into your program (2) end-user applications with plugins -- where you want the user to be able to one-click install extra plugins even if they know nothing about Haskell
22:54:36 <stepcut> kxra: the gnome thing sounds great, but I don't have time to get a proposal together by wednesday
22:57:11 <kxra> stepcut: oh that's the deadline for interns it's too late to be a participating org for this round i think? and i think you might just be included under the haskell umbrella for the next round if they make it in
22:57:13 <kxra> https://wiki.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen/Admin/InfoForOrgs