01:13:50 <stepkut> kxra: not sure. The seemingly tricky parts -- like dynamic code loading and  cross platform file watching are already handle by the ghc-api and fsnotify. But, there are likely to be a lot of small annoying issues
01:14:29 <stepkut> plugins-ng-cabal is should really actually be two libraries -- while there is a Cabal library -- there is not really a library version cabal-install
01:15:24 <stepkut> scion and buildwrapper both have their own wrappers to call cabal and extract information -- but it would be nice if that functionality was not tied into projects with a much larger scope
19:29:17 <stepkut> kxra: ping
19:33:24 <kxra> hey stepkut
19:34:18 <stepkut> did you get my notes about spliting plugins-ng-cabal into two packages?