03:15:37 <dalaing> how does hyperdrive compare to webmachine?  (and I wonder if the webcrank folks know about it)
07:49:24 <srhb> Regarding Clckwrks -- will existing sites be easily migratable to newer versions (if such occur?) :)
12:45:38 <stepcut> srhb: yes
12:45:56 <stepcut> srhb: I have too many sites using it for that to not be the case :)
13:03:45 <srhb> stepcut: That's good to know! :D
13:08:29 <srhb> I'm working on a cms'y application and I'm trying to wrap my head around a nice way to let users add templates and use their "holes" for adding content. Right now I'm considering using Heist as the template (since it's designer friendly) but generating splices from an acid state is confusing me. Has anyone done something similar?
18:04:08 <stepcut> srhb: what is the confusing part about generating splits from acid-state ?
18:17:22 <yesthisisuser> "Cloud Haskell" looks really interesting
18:17:24 <srhb> The confusing part right now is that I want myFunc template contents = ... which splices contents into a given template. I'm finding that hrad to do
18:17:29 <srhb> stepcut: ^^
18:18:00 <srhb> It was easy with blaze of course.
18:18:12 <stepcut> which part is hard? The acid-state part? or the heist part?
18:18:24 <srhb> The heist part. acid-state I think I've nailed. :)
18:18:30 <stepcut> ah
18:18:42 <srhb> content might as well be a pure String
18:18:46 <srhb> I can solve that.
18:21:31 <yesthisisuser> Is it possible to run acid-state applications on Heroku?