18:01:11 <rdesfo> is there a way to get happstack to acknowledge happstack-server's Extra-Source-Files?  I'm getting the following error when run Test.hs in happstack folder
18:01:11 <rdesfo> 'Happstack/Tests.hs:8:18: Could not find module `Happstack.Server.Tests''
18:23:21 <stepkut> hmm
18:24:32 <stepkut> how are you running it?
18:25:09 <stepkut> this works for me: runhaskell -itests tests/Test.hs
18:25:15 <stepkut> or, cd tests ; runhaskell Test.hs
18:25:25 <stepkut> assuming happstack-server is aready installed
18:27:07 <stepkut> if it is not installed, you can do cabal build (which is the easiest way to generate dist/build/autogen/Paths_happstack_server.hs) and then do, runhaskell -isrc -idist/build/autogen -itests tests/Test.hs
18:43:36 <rdesfo>  cd tests ; runhaskell Test.hs
18:45:26 <rdesfo> it's in a sandbox... not sure if that matters (cabal sandbox init; cabal install --dependencies-only --ftests; cabal configure --ftests; cabal build)
18:50:40 <stepkut> if you enabled the building of the tests executable, then you should be able to run the test binary that it generate?
18:59:24 <rdesfo> what's the path to the test binary?
19:23:22 <stepkut> wherever cabal sandbox stuff keeps binaries I guess
19:23:28 <stepkut> let me check
19:34:34 <stepkut> oh I see. you don't need -ftests. Just run, cabal test
19:34:52 <stepkut> after it has built, it will run. You can run it again the same way, or directly via, ./dist/build/happstack-server-tests/happstack-server-tests
19:54:22 <rdesfo> ohhhh... sorry, I think this is a self inflicted issue.  I tried converting test flat to test-suite and removed the executable section in the cabal file <http://hub.darcs.net/rdesfo/happstack/patch/20140408195516-dc23c>
19:54:33 <rdesfo> *flag
19:56:36 <stepkut> oh, you are looking at the happstack library, not happstack-server I see
19:57:59 <stepkut> happstack.cabal is dead
19:58:10 <stepkut> that directory should probably be removed from the repo
20:03:08 <rdesfo> hyperdrive is replacing it right? <https://github.com/stepcut/hyperdrive>
20:03:41 <rdesfo> does this mean the happstack project is moving from darcs/darcsden to git/github?
20:14:52 <stepkut> the happstack.cabal package itself used to contain a number of things that got moved elsewhere, such that it no longer  contained anything of interest
20:15:00 <stepkut> happstack-server is being replaced by hyperdrive
20:15:14 <stepkut> and, sadly, everything will eventually move to github
20:30:39 <rdesfo> stepkut: ok thanks for all the help