17:29:53 <mekeor> ACTION is watching the demonstration of clckwrks-0.16 and is impressed :O
17:36:51 <stepcut> mekeor: yay!
17:37:02 <stepcut> mekeor: I'm finally adding password recovery :)
17:38:50 <stepcut> if kxra's GSoC project goes well -- we should have the ability to download and install plugins and themes from hackage with out restarting the server ;)
17:39:29 <mekeor> wow! that sounds awesome :3
17:42:38 <mekeor> stepcut: does clckwrks use pandoc to convert the MD to HTML?
17:42:57 <mekeor> does it pandoc it every time? or does it save the HTML code?
17:43:00 <stepcut> mekeor: no -- but it should. It's on the TODO list. And not hard TODO either
17:43:09 <mekeor> oh, okay
17:43:18 <mekeor> so, how does it convert it then? :O
17:43:21 <stepcut> markdown.pl
17:43:28 <mekeor> ah, okay
17:43:29 <mekeor> :)
17:43:32 <mekeor> everytime?
17:43:36 <stepcut> I don't remember if I added the code to cache the output yet
17:43:43 <mekeor> okay, i see :)
17:43:54 <stepcut> I think the data-type may have the support for it, but the code to do it is not there yet