20:23:02 <neitherbadnOrwel> i want to write my own happserver but i don't want to spend much time to implement the possibility for one account to login, iykwim. that is, i don't want to manually handle saving the password in a database etc.pp.. – is there a module/library/package helping me on this purpose?
21:02:42 <neitherbadnOrwel> any ideas? O.o
21:03:38 <neitherbadnOrwel> any comments? – do you maybe think that overestimate the complexity of "handling one user"?
21:08:26 <stepcut> happstack-authenticate?
21:08:42 <stepcut> hmm, one account
21:09:37 <stepcut> basicAuth?
21:10:02 <stepcut> http://happstack.com/docs/happstack-server-7.0.2/doc/html/happstack-server/Happstack-Server-Auth.html
21:12:02 <neitherbadnOrwel> :O
21:12:42 <neitherbadnOrwel> stepcut: is this safe? against hackers? ;)
21:13:25 <stepcut> http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/988/is-basic-auth-secure-if-done-over-https
21:13:35 <neitherbadnOrwel> :D
21:13:42 <neitherbadnOrwel> thank you very much, stepcut :)
21:14:05 <stepcut> really, we should import the digest authentication stuff that is/was in hackage at one point