00:04:51 <chris_____> Hi, I've got a quick question... If a function in a ServerPart Response throws, the server outputs a page that says something to the effect of "everything stopped! OMG! The exception message was [vulnerability exposing exception details]". Generally speaking, I feel the best way to handle an exception is to response with an error page, minus the exception details. Is there a way to override this default behavior, or should I just 
00:05:49 <chris_____> internally, happstack seems to be calling failHtml in Happstack.Server.Internal.Monads
15:10:27 <stepcut> chris_____: there are a couple ways. You could wrap the ServerPartT monad around an inner monad that implements different behavior for 'fail' I think
15:10:39 <stepcut> chris_____: I'll see if there is a better way
15:35:36 <donri> i thought you just got a generic 500 error