02:40:28 <inix> hi guys, I'm trying out happstack and I'm having issues installing  happstack-server using cabal. I get     Module `Network.Socket' does not export `close'
02:40:51 <stepcut> hmm
02:41:07 <inix> src/Happstack/Server/Internal/Listen.hs:15:59:
02:41:15 <stepcut> apparently you need a newer version of network and that is not reflected properly in the bounds
02:41:26 <stepcut> perhaps I should switch the code back to using sClose anyway
02:42:00 <stepcut> but, in the meantime, you could try doing 'cabal update ; cabal install network' and the install happstack-server and see if that fixes the issue
02:42:29 <stepcut> I'll fix the version on hackage tomorrow
02:48:35 <inix> cabal install network works (Installing library in /root/.cabal/lib/network- but installing the server issues the same error.
03:20:32 <inix> upgraded to debian/testing and happstack-server and all is good
03:26:53 <stepcut> great1