11:08:57 <donri> stepkut: so i was thinking maybe hyperdrive should be like all bytestring interface and then we can have abstractions on top of it using http-types or strongly typed headers etc? rather than committing to one representation in the core
11:15:25 <donri> and perhaps wai with little or no overhead in the translation
11:15:48 <donri> not sure to what extent this works without lazy IO, maybe need pipes in the interface too :P
11:17:20 <donri> but point mostly being to not replicate http-types/wai/happstack-server in hyperdrive core
11:17:59 <donri> just low-level server primitives :)
11:18:35 <donri> guess that's already the plan anyway but yeah :)
11:19:32 <donri> but it currently has Request and Response types that maybe it could do without?
11:20:52 <donri> (horay donri is back with his random stream-of-consciousness silliness)