01:27:46 <miner-49er> hows the happstack?
01:28:04 <miner-49er> Is there anything like livejournal where I can blog? but powered by haskell?
01:49:15 <frozencemetery> miner-49er: you probably want to look at clckwrks
01:56:47 <miner-49er> so no one is running a big social media on haskell? or a small one?
02:04:53 <frozencemetery> not that I know of... such a thing seems rather niche, especially since the haskell community is smaller than the ruby community
02:04:59 <frozencemetery> and we all know how well diaspora did :)
02:18:37 <miner-49er> what was diaspora?
02:22:18 <frozencemetery> distributed social network
02:39:50 <miner-49er> oh