15:33:41 <JuanDaugherty> thought y'all were dead, but gitit showed otherwise
15:34:52 <dsfox2> heh
15:43:12 <JuanDaugherty> is it hard to get sun in the shade of snap and yesod?
15:45:14 <dsfox2> Its usually hard to get sun -
15:46:37 <dsfox2> You have to have a knowledge of all three
15:47:36 <dsfox2> to communicate effectively why this one is better :-)
15:59:35 <JuanDaugherty> well it was 1st
16:03:35 <JuanDaugherty> so actually will be using in my day job from clafer
16:04:38 <dsfox2> intereseting
16:09:19 <dsfox2> hope to hear more - how did you arrive here rather than those other ones?
16:13:59 <JuanDaugherty> i've know of it since the predecessor project, I forget it's name
16:14:06 <dsfox2> happs
16:14:08 <JuanDaugherty> but clafer is driving the use
16:14:33 <JuanDaugherty> ah y, so this channel was created before the name change
16:14:44 <dsfox2> yup
16:14:49 <JuanDaugherty> name/maintainer change
16:16:41 <JuanDaugherty> but yesod seems to be winining the haskell app server wars
16:17:49 <dsfox2> they are winning the battles...
16:18:16 <JuanDaugherty> it always irritated me that there wasn't a general app server, guess this was always closest so happy to come back to it
16:18:34 <JuanDaugherty> (as opposed to a web server)
16:19:34 <dsfox2> yes, a strategic advantage may emerge
16:22:13 <JuanDaugherty> well I'll use clafer as is, just develop content in it, at least thru the first period, Subsequently actual production use hs code is possible.
16:23:40 <JuanDaugherty> but clafer/alloy models are completely independent of haskell
16:24:28 <JuanDaugherty> and a lot of the end function that will be modeled is already done in some form in lesser langs
18:05:32 <vova> Hi
18:10:22 <vova> I'm a new in happstack. I wonder if it is possible to configure the server in such a way to get the functionality from rfc7233
18:11:00 <vova> I mean transfer the context partially.