16:51:42 <oftl> hi there :-)
16:56:08 <oftl> i tried to compile the IxSet example from the happstack book and got this error: http://pastebin.com/6t1P40uq
16:56:50 <oftl> and being very new to haskell that's not too clear to me
16:57:01 <oftl> (i downloaded the sources from the link in the book)
16:58:54 <oftl> in other news: i found a few typos. who would be interested in that ?
17:19:52 <a1j> http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2015/10/06/burger-kings-black-burger-reportedly-turns-your-poop-green/
17:19:58 <a1j> ops mt
17:20:55 <a1j> oftl: did you use haskel-platform? What distro?
17:21:27 <a1j> oftl: i find it hard to compile anything with haskel platform, its best to just grab ghc and cabal-instal from backports, set up sandbox and compile the rest from sources.
17:21:38 <stepcut> hmm
17:21:53 <stepcut> seem like the example needs to be updated
17:23:33 <stepcut> personally, I used nix for all things Haskell related. I started a tutorial, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsUOvbAHeZOo_JxWA_kUog
17:23:53 <stepcut> working on episode 2 now
17:24:35 <stepcut> definitely interested in fixing typos and mistakes
17:25:05 <stepcut> I am pretty sure that error is because of the deriving SafeCopy line
17:25:57 <stepcut> remove SafeCopy from the deriving clause and add $(deriveSafeCopy 0 'base ''PostId) on the next line
17:26:05 <oftl> a1j: archlinux' ghc the rest (AFAIR) installed with cabal
17:26:08 <stepcut> or even just: deriveSafeCopy 0 'base ''PostId
17:31:13 <oftl> stepcut: cool. now it compiles :)
17:31:33 <stepcut> thanks for the bug report!
17:32:01 <oftl> yw, thanks for the help!
17:32:16 <stepcut> I am going to put the source for the happstack book on github so that people can more easily file bug reports, etc
17:32:23 <stepcut> but first, I have to buy food!
17:32:54 <oftl> yep, that's probably more pressing :)
17:44:08 <oftl> haskell-platform looks nice, but only installs into /
17:44:17 <oftl> would be cool in $HOME IMHO