15:08:18 <McManiaC> why does this fail? it's copied right from the docs: http://puu.sh/kOHrq/bb59ae11e0.png
15:08:25 <McManiaC> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/safecopy-0.8.2/docs/Data-SafeCopy.html#v:deriveSafeCopy
15:09:03 <McManiaC> does safecopy work properly with 7.10?
15:09:12 <McManiaC> stepcut: ?
15:09:25 <dsfox1> There are some issues when things get complicated
15:10:17 <McManiaC> in 7.10?
15:10:21 <dsfox1> yes
15:11:36 <dsfox1> what version of safecopy?
15:11:57 <McManiaC>    safecopy-0.8.2
15:12:37 <dsfox1> I would try the head of github
15:12:48 <McManiaC> k
15:13:40 <dsfox1> and after that we might have to look at splice dumps
15:16:09 <McManiaC> ok it works i think :)
15:16:12 <McManiaC> simple solution heh
15:16:16 <dsfox1> whew!