13:25:38 <mekeor> ACTION would love to work on clckwrks
13:25:55 <mekeor> ACTION ... and with clckwrks
13:36:52 <mekeor> but it's quite hard getting into clckwrks, really. i feel like even the example-dot-org is outdated and the website (clckwrks.com) and its documentation is old.
13:37:54 <mekeor> but clckwrks is a really nice piece of software, we shouldn't let it become obsolete
13:38:20 <dsfox> Unfortunately there are not a lot of resources going to it.  It needs a public relations person.
13:41:19 <mekeor> dsfox: what would that person do?
13:41:38 <mekeor> s/do/(have to) do exactly/
13:41:47 <dsfox> no idea :-)
13:41:55 <dsfox> well...
13:43:34 <dsfox> it needs to be used in a high profile project, and then it needs to become visible in forums like the CUFP meeting that is held with ICFP
13:44:30 <mekeor> hm, i see
13:47:29 <dsfox> But I don't think it is obsolete - doesn't example-dot-org work?
16:48:20 <dsfox> mekeor: there is work going on to integrate happstack/clckwrks with ghcjs
16:48:43 <mekeor> dsfox: :O
16:48:48 <mekeor> sounds freaking awesome
16:49:12 <mekeor> but it can't really imagine what that would make possible
16:49:52 <dsfox> hopefully a world where you don't have to write any javascript
16:53:07 <mekeor> oh wow, nice
16:53:26 <mekeor> but would you still be able to use js libraries anyway?
16:54:17 <mekeor> dsfox: where can i track the progress of this effort?
16:55:48 <dsfox> I'm told that https://github.com/dmjio will be putting something out soon
17:00:20 <dsfox> mekeor: yes, you will still be able to use js libraries
17:02:13 <mekeor> wooow, that'd be soo awesome
17:45:58 <mekeor> dsfox: anyway, in fact, example-dot-org doesn't work for me right now. in the admin console, the NavBar editor is completely empty of content.
17:47:28 <dsfox> I will check that out
19:27:57 <dsfox> mekeor - I'm told that your example-dot-org is not finding the javascript dependencies
19:28:30 <mekeor> hmmm
19:28:55 <dsfox> maybe the javascript console would shed some light
19:29:49 <mekeor> i've got an idea
19:30:38 <mekeor> i git-cloned both example-dot-com and clckwrks-bootstrap-theme and put "../clckwrks-bootstrap-theme" to extra-deps in stack.yaml
19:30:47 <mekeor> maybe that's it?
19:31:29 <mekeor> because i'd like to use example-dot-com my own modification of clckwrks-bootstrap-theme
19:32:15 <dsfox> that would be good
19:35:29 <dsfox> I just install clckwrks-plugin-media and clckwrks-theme-bootstrap, build example-dot-org, and a server shows up on port 8000
19:36:03 <dsfox> (and run dist/build/example-dot-org/example-dot-org)
19:47:09 <mekeor> dsfox: did you also create an account and login into the admin console?
19:47:43 <dsfox> I have in the past, but not today
19:47:48 <mekeor> oh, i see
19:47:53 <mekeor> anyways, i'll check
19:49:21 <dsfox> seems to work
19:49:33 <stepcut> I am looking forwarded to purging the javascript dependencies from clckwrks this year
19:49:51 <dsfox> Enter a world of excitement!
19:50:02 <dsfox> oh, no exclamation point
19:50:15 <stepcut> heh
19:50:34 <mekeor> dsfox: did you just try it out?
19:50:37 <dsfox> I did
19:50:46 <mekeor> dsfox: did you try out the NavBar editor?
19:51:08 <dsfox> no plugins
19:51:13 <mekeor> dsfox: exactly
19:51:23 <dsfox> probably need to install something
19:51:31 <mekeor> i don't think so
19:52:11 <dsfox> I see errors on the console
19:52:13 <mekeor> it should work. you should be able to edit the navigation bar without any plugins or so. you should be able to arrange the pages...
19:52:47 <dsfox> edit-nav-bar:26 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined
19:52:48 <dsfox> (anonymous function)	@	edit-nav-bar:26
19:53:21 <stepcut> $ comes from jQuery
19:53:51 <dsfox> GET http://trusty:8000/jquery/jquery.js
19:54:19 <dsfox> could be a problem there
19:54:59 <dsfox> I think I see 404 errors loading jquery.js, json2.js, style.min.css, jstree.min.js
19:56:08 <mekeor> true, same here
19:56:52 <mekeor> if you go "back to your site", there are no js-scripts which can't be loaded
19:57:17 <dsfox> but it can load bootstrap.min.js and angular.min.js and some others
19:57:28 <mekeor> because jquery, e.g., is loaded using http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js (instead of "/jquery/jquery.js")
19:58:36 <dsfox> no comprende
20:00:30 <mekeor> nevermind actually. it's not important. (what i said: the admin-console loads jquery using /jquery/jquery.js while the actual example-dot-com-homepage loads jquery from code.jquery.com …)
20:05:24 <dsfox> we will get this sorted out
20:06:26 <mekeor> the question is why the path /jquery/jquery.js doesn't work, right? isn't that the problem?
20:06:39 <dsfox> yes
20:07:26 <dsfox> In Main.hs I see "clckJQueryPath      = "js/jquery"  -- directory containing 'jquery.js'"
20:08:32 <mekeor> yeah, hmm
20:10:26 <dsfox> If I create a directory js in my source directory and in that create a link to /usr/share/javascript/jquery the 404 when loading jquery.hs goes away
20:11:39 <mekeor> cool
20:12:07 <mekeor> is it possible that we have to "make"
20:12:23 <mekeor> yes!!!
20:12:25 <mekeor> haha
20:12:37 <mekeor> execute "make", and it works
20:12:57 <mekeor> lol
20:13:02 <mekeor> omg, i forgot that
20:13:32 <mekeor> it's step 2 in the get-started-guide on http://www.clckwrks.com/page/view-page-slug/3/get-started
20:14:07 <dsfox> heh
20:14:24 <stepcut> :)
20:14:28 <mekeor> i'm very sorry for this waste of time :/
20:15:37 <dsfox> no step install coming soon!
20:15:52 <mekeor> why do the admin pages use local versions while the actual website uses code.jquery.com?
20:18:05 <mekeor> dsfox: oh yes? awesome! where when what who…? – i was thinking work on clckwrks is freezing as the lastest git commits (on github) are just about updating dependencies and similar stuff
20:18:47 <dsfox> No way!  Development will continue.
20:21:24 <mekeor> but it's so invisible...
21:15:23 <PreciousAmbrosiu> KeyError: Identifier('#happs') (file "/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/sopel/coretasks.py", line 355, in track_join)